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toys shop hungary

There are several toys shop igračke to choose from in Budapest. The largest is on Baross utca at Maria utca, which specializes in wood and Waldorf-y toys. The other is on Erzsebet Korut (next to Weselenyi utca), which also sells a good variety of wooden and glass toys. The third is on nyej utca (just south of Kalvin tere) and focuses on plastic, educational and interactive toys. These shops tend to be a bit more expensive than the others.

If you have kids or a kid-at-heart, one of the most popular souvenirs from Hungary is the famous Rubik’s cube. It’s a great way to remember your trip and show off some Hungarian pride! You can pick up a Rubik’s cube at any number of toy stores in Budapest. A particularly great option is Regio Jatek, a large toy store with many physical stores in Budapest.

Toy Treasures: Exploring Hungary’s Best Toy Shops

Other fun toys from Hungary include embroidered dolls, which can be found in several souvenir shops on Vaci Street. These are a great way to introduce children to Hungarian culture and language, and they make for beautiful display pieces. You can also find these items at larger grocery stores like Tesco, which has huge toy sections.

Finally, Hungary is known for its porcelain and pottery, especially from the town of Pecs. You can find these pieces at souvenir shops around the city, including Fordova Antikvitas on Hajos utca and Opera Antiques on Iranyi utca. They can be quite pricey, but they are a great way to showcase some of Hungary’s beautiful craftsmanship.

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