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thc pen canada

The thc pen canada has become one of the most popular 2.0 categories of cannabis products since legalization in Canada. They present a value proposition of convenience and discreteness for the consumer, as well as provide a great deal of marketing flexibility for companies in the space. We’ll examine the vaporizable concentrate pen market in Canada, try to define the vape pen consumer and explore the current offerings from some of the leading brands in the Canadian cannabis industry.

A weed vape pen is a device that uses a heat source to vaporize the active chemicals found in cannabis extracts, which are then inhaled through a mouthpiece. The effects from cannabis vaporization start to kick in immediately, peak within 20-30 minutes and typically linger for three hours or more.

THC Pens in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide to Vape Pens for Cannabis Consumption

Most pens use a small battery to power an atomizer or cartridge that is filled with cannabis extract. The atomizer is heated by the battery and vaporized cannabis oil is inhaled through the mouthpiece of the pen. Some pens are built as one unit with the cartridge and battery in a single package, known as a disposable weed vape. Other pens are refillable and can be used with a variety of different cartridges, which allow for more options in terms of flavour and potency.

510 threaded vaporizer carts are the most common type of cannabis cartridge, which will work with a variety of standard battery types. Some pens, like the Dosist, are built as closed-loop systems that require specific hardware and chargers, similar to the Apple iPhone product line.

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