The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

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kitchen extraction cleaning is the process of removing the build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG) from the inner surfaces of hoods, ducts, fans and vents that accumulate in commercial kitchen settings. It is an important aspect of commercial kitchen maintenance and is essential for businesses to comply with FOG regulations and avoid fines and legal action.

Extraction systems can be a major source of air pollution if they are not kept clean. This is because the contaminated air will be recirculated throughout buildings, irritating the lungs, breathing and allergies of staff and guests. This can lead to people spending less time at venues and even taking days off work as their symptoms get worse. Cleaning extraction canopies and filters daily can help minimise this issue.

Understanding the Process: Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Explained

It is also vital that the ductwork and fans are cleaned regularly to ensure that they do not become blocked. Blockages can reduce the efficiency of the system which may mean it is using more energy than necessary. This can be a huge cost for any business, especially at a time when energy bills are increasing exponentially.

Having the extractor system professionally cleaned by a reputable company is one of the best ways to ensure that it meets TR19 standards. These standards set out the minimum requirements for cleaning and inspection of food-service grease extraction ductwork, fan units, and exhaust hoods. They are designed to minimize fire risks, protect sanitary and health issues, and keep customers safe and comfortable.

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