The Benefits of Commercial Painting

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Commercial painting is a type of paint job that involves an establishment used by the general public. This can be anything from a retail store to a bank to a warehouse or apartment complex. When you hire a professional commercial painter, they can help with color suggestions, designs and the overall aesthetics of your business. They are used to working around customer foot traffic, and can ensure a timely project completion with minimal disruption.

How many coats of waterproof paint?

It’s easy to spot a painted wall done by an experienced professional – the lines are tight, there are no drips or smudges, and the sheen is just right for the building’s purpose. A fresh coat of paint not only makes the facility look great and stands out from competitors, but it can actually drive more foot traffic. For instance, research shows that customers are more likely to stroll into a brightly colored retail store versus a more run-down structure.

Besides the design aspect, a good commercial painting contractor will focus on the function of the coatings they use. Depending on the industry, these coatings can be formulated to protect against moisture, harsh sun, mold and corrosion. Additionally, they can improve heat retention and even provide noise dampening capabilities.

Another difference is the equipment and supplies that commercial painters use. A residential painter will use a standard set of tools, while commercial contractors may need sandblasters and pressure washers to clean the surface and access hard-to-reach places. They will also need specialized safety equipment such as paint sprayers, aerial lifts and scaffolding. Additionally, they are experts in selecting the appropriate industrial coatings for different surfaces and industries.

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