Special Needs Children

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A special needs child is a child who has a condition that significantly impacts any aspect of his or her life. The challenges children with special needs face can be intense and require specialized assistance for an extended period of time, often throughout adulthood.

A child’s conditions may be physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioural. Children who have a learning disability, for example, may qualify to receive help at school under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This includes support from teacher aides and access to specialist equipment.

Children who have physical disabilities may also benefit from access to specialised equipment, such as walkers and wheelchairs. They may also qualify for a special educational needs assessment. This process ensures that children who are experiencing problems with their studies get the help they need.

Supporting Special Needs Children: Strategies for Success

Psychiatric conditions, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression, can also be classed as special needs. Children who have a chronic or life-threatening illness, such as ADD or ADHD, can also be considered special needs, as well as those with sensory impairments such as blindness or deafness.

Children with special needs must have access to care and assistance to help them reach their full potential. The right support can help them manage their symptoms, develop coping strategies and improve their quality of life. The support they need can vary from a few hours per week to 24-hour care. This assistance can cost a significant amount of money and requires expert medical advice.

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