Round Sticker Labels

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round sticker labels

Round sticker labels are great for a variety of uses including labelling bottles, cosmetic products and homemade food and drink. These round labels are also perfect for decorating items for a party or event.

Customized round sticker labels and stickers are a great way to create unique, high quality stickers that will set your brand apart from the competition! Our circle stickers are easy to write on, peel off, and will last through many washes. They’re also weather-resistant and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, from pens to shoes!

Round Stickers for Kids: Fun and Creative Ideas

You can order blank round label sheets and then print your own custom labels with your inkjet or laser printer. You can use them for small, on-demand label orders, as well as bulk printing needs for large quantities of circle stickers and labels.

Designing With Bleed

The first thing you need to know when designing circle labels is that they will shift during the printing process. The best way to avoid this is to add a “bleed” or extra “cushion” to your design when you’re putting together the final product. This will ensure that your printed circle labels will cover the entire surface area of the blank sheet of round label paper you’re using.

Getting All Circles Aligned

There are several ways to fix this problem when you’re creating your round labels – you can simply try to center the image within the circle (which is pretty tricky, especially in Word), or you can add a border. Adding a border will make any shifts that occur during printing more obvious.

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