Muscle Fit Trousers

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muscle fit trousers

Muscle fit trousers are designed to highlight a muscular physique. They can be worn for work, leisure or casual wear and look particularly good when teamed with a shirt.

A close fitting garment made from a stretchable fabric that is stitched closely to the body. This makes the muscles more prominent through the cloth and it also allows you to breathe easily.

Traditionally, muscle fit clothing has been designed to fit big and muscular men. It can look quite unattractive, but it can be a great way to show off your muscular body.

Regular fit is ideal for most body types, but it won’t provide the fitted look that people with a muscular body are looking for. These tops and pants are often too loose around the waist and chest, and can look boxy or ‘tent-like’ on a bigger frame.


Athletic fits are designed to accommodate a big and muscular body type by sizing up the tops and pants in the waist to get a tighter, more fitted finish. These will usually taper down the legs to match the bigger thighs and upper bodies of athletic guys, while retaining a normal waist.

Relaxed fits are a looser fit that will generally suit most body types, but won’t look as fitted as a muscle fit or a regular fit. They can be comfortable and easy to wear but they won’t be the most flattering style of smart clothes, especially if you have a muscular physique.

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