Meditation in Bali – Take Your Practice to the Next Level

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Meditation in bali is one of the best ways to calm and relax your mind. It can be hard at first, but if you practice regularly you will find it easier and more enjoyable. You can try a simple practice at home by sitting in a comfortable position, closing your eyes and focusing on each inhale and exhale. Try to focus on the rising and falling of your breath and don’t be discouraged if thoughts come up, as this is normal!

Journey to Mindfulness: Exploring the Meditation Scene in Bali

On a Bali meditation retreat you can take your practice to the next level in a beautiful setting. Bali is a spiritual centre that attracts a lot of travellers seeking answers and beauty. The island is also home to many ley lines, energy vortexes that connect some of the most important and influential places on the planet. This energy can be harnessed on a meditation break in Bali for a more complete healing experience.

Meditation can be done anywhere, but if you are trying to establish a regular practice it is recommended that you find somewhere that you can be undisturbed and dedicate it solely to your meditation. You can then start with a small commitment of five minutes and gradually build up to ten, fifteen or even twenty. You can use a mantra, an app like Mindbliss or a simple sound of the rise and fall of your breath to help you keep on track.

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