How to Protect and Clean Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver is one of the most common metals used in sterling silver wholesale jewellery¬†. It’s a beautiful and timeless material, often combined with gemstones to add color and depth. However, like any precious metal, it requires care to keep it tarnish free. Learn how to protect and clean your silver jewellery to maintain it’s beauty.

Sterling silver is a silver alloy, which means it’s made of real silver mixed with other metals to make it more practical and affordable for everyday wear. The exact ratio is regulated, but generally it contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals, most commonly copper. This makes it more durable and easier to work with than pure silver. It also makes it more practical for setting gemstones than fine silver, which can be difficult to work with due to its soft nature.

The Difference Between Sterling Silver and Other Silver Jewelry Types in Wholesale

Fine silver is very soft, so it can easily bend out of shape and scratch surfaces. It is not suitable for making everyday jewelry, but it is a great choice when you’re creating a high-end piece or incorporating gemstones. Fine silver can also irritate sensitive skin, so it’s best to avoid it for those with metal sensitivities.

The easiest way to tell if jewelry is genuine silver is by looking for the hallmarks, which are stamped on each piece. Genuine sterling silver will have the number 925, while fine silver will be marked with 999. Other methods include x-ray testing, which is only accurate for pure silver, and wet chemical analysis, which must be conducted in a laboratory and is more expensive.

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