How to Find a Container For Rent

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container for rent

A container for rent is ideal for anyone needing extra storage space. It provides secure, lockable, weatherproof storage on a site for tools and equipment, vehicles and machinery, excess inventory, or years of business archives. Unlike a shed, a container is easily moved if your storage requirements change. The flexibility of shipping container rental also means it is ideal for commercial and industrial projects, as well as homeowners and sports clubs.

You can choose between new or used storage containers, with the option to purchase once your rental period ends. Purchasing allows you to modify the unit, paint it and add doors and windows. You can also move the unit from site to site, white-glove handle it and if you’re in construction, add electrical, shelving/racking and cement footings to repurpose the box into a container shed, cabin or workshop.

Container Rental Cost Breakdown: How to Budget for Your Project

When you place an order, a logistics professional will contact you to confirm the date and time window for your shipping container delivery. They will advise the size of the shipping container you need and arrange the delivery with a local transport partner. They will need to ensure there is adequate space for the truck to maneuver and unload. This is typically twice the length of the container plus 10 feet in a straight line.

A few container accessories are available, including door handle extenders to make it easier to open older containers. They clip to the existing handles and provide additional leverage for a firmer grip.

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