How to Break Into the Field of Sports Broadcasting

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The field of Sports Broadcasting encompasses a number of different roles for those who work as announcers, analysts and commentators for radio, television or online. Regardless of the specific job, there are a few common career steps that are necessary to break into this field: Find out

Earning a Degree

A bachelor’s degree is often required for any position in sports broadcasting. Students will want to choose a program that provides a strong background in writing for media, production processes for television and radio and spoken communication. Some degree programs also offer special interest and elective courses that can help students hone their skills in areas such as sports entertainment and history of athletics.

After graduating, aspiring sports broadcasters can look for jobs at local radio and TV stations. To find these positions, they will often need to submit a demo tape or reel that showcases their best on-air work from coursework, on-campus radio and TV experience and internships. Some broadcasters may also opt to hire an agent who can help them share their demo with larger teams or stations in more populated markets.

Research and Preparation

A large part of the job is researching team and player statistics, preparing for each broadcast and ensuring they are aware of any current events or relevant news that could impact the game. Many of the responsibilities in this industry include working with a production team that includes producers, directors and camera operators to ensure a smooth and seamless broadcast.

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