Exponent Investment Management

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Exponent Investment Management

Exponent Investment Management is an innovative investment approach that combines the latest financial technologies with expert human analysis. This combination can maximize the potential of your investments while minimizing any risks.

In addition, exponent investment management is highly flexible and scalable, making it easy to customize your strategies according to your unique goals and risk tolerance. This flexibility can help you maximize returns and minimize losses, even during volatile market conditions.

The company’s comprehensive service offerings include wealth allocation, pension planning, and portfolio analysis. Its team also provides a range of consulting services to clients across industries. Its consulting solutions cover a variety of disciplines, including engineering and other scientific, data science, and environment and health.

Introduction to Exponent Investment Management: A Comprehensive Overview

Founded in 1988, Exponent serves clients around the world from its headquarters in Ottawa. The firm provides professional services and software to help clients solve complex business issues. Its clients include a wide variety of companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Exponent’s client-centered approach to business has helped it establish a reputation for quality and integrity.

After a successful meeting with OnActuate at the Collaborate Conference in Ottawa, Exponent was sold on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Client Engagement Sales as a client relationship management system for their small financial services – wealth management firm. The system went live in January 2020, just prior to the COVID lockdowns, and has been instrumental in enabling them to continue servicing clients remotely.

Graham has more than 4 decades of experience in Canadian and global markets. His experience includes work in the pension field with the venerable Royal Trust of Canada, major money managers and a major global Swiss Bank. Currently, he is the CEO and Founder of Exponent Investment Management, an independent fee-based financial advisory firm based in Ottawa, Ontario.

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