Exclusive Metal Roofing

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Exclusive Metal Roofing

When it comes to residential metal roofing, you can count on Exclusive Exclusive Metal Roofing Contractors for top-notch results. The family-owned company works side by side with homeowners to lay out the project and make sure it’s exactly what they want.

Several different styles of metal roofs are available to give you the options you need. You can select from steel (galvanized, galvalume or weathering) aluminum, copper, zinc and tin.

The most common type of metal used in roofing is steel, and this material offers many benefits. Unlike asphalt, which will rust, galvanized steel is made from carbon and iron steel alloys that are then coated with liquified zinc to protect it against corrosion and other corrosive conditions.

One of the most attractive options is copper, which offers a classic look and is a favorite for many historic homes. It also tends to hold up well to abrasions and weathering.

The Benefits of Choosing Exclusive Metal Roofing for Your Commercial Property

Another popular option is steel shingle/tile roofing, which can be fashioned to resemble slate and wood shakes and can last longer than conventional asphalt tiles. Several manufacturers offer these products, including Boral Pacific tile, Tamko, Tilco and SteelRock.

While metal roofing is a great option for re-roofing or new construction, it’s important to work with a qualified roofing contractor who can properly install your metal roof and ensure its longevity. A poorly installed metal roof can leak, damage your home’s interior and compromise the structural integrity of your house.

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