Custom Airsoft Patches

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Custom airsoft patches are a great way to express team pride and show off your own style. They help to identify players, promote brand or event awareness, and build morale among your players. They are a great addition to your uniforms, hats and tactical vests and can even be used as collectibles! We offer a wide variety of options and add-ons like glow in the dark, metallic thread and camo twill to make your custom patch stand out.

Aside from identifying members of an airsoft team, the primary purpose of a patch is to promote a brand or event. This is done through a design that incorporates your logo, text or other elements to create a unique visual representation of your organization. Airsoft events or milsim (military simulation) games often feature a “patch wall” where different vendors or teams display their unique patches. This helps attendees discover new products and brands, while also showing off the amazing community spirit of the airsoft industry.

Personalized Gear: Custom Airsoft Patches

The patch is the most important aspect of your airsoft uniform and should be a direct reflection of your team’s identity. It’s also essential that the patch is the correct size and color to match your uniform and complement its overall look. Lastly, the type of patch should be compatible with laundry and durable enough to resist wear and tear. These factors are why Velcro is the ideal patch for airsoft uniforms. Velcro is a hook-and-loop fastener that consists of two components, a hook side that attaches to the patch and a loop side that attaches to your uniform.

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